viernes, 18 de mayo de 2018

Olympian Gods

 I LOVE myths, specially the Greek ones so here are some of the sketches I made about the Olympian Gods.

King of Gods.
Ruler of the Olympic Mountain, Lord of the sky, God of the rain and acumulator of clouds,
he waved the terrible lightning. The father of all gods and mortals. Husband of Hera.

Goddess of agriculture.
She belonged to the first generation of Olympian Gods and she had a daughter with Zeus: Persephone.
Besides of being goddess of the harvest, she also controlled the seasons,
and because of that she was capable of destroying all life on Earth.

God of the sea.
He was Anfitrite's husband, one of the nereids, and they had a child: Triton. Nevertheless,
he had many other lovers. Poseidon and gorgon Medusa had a child: Pegasus, the famous flying horse.

Goddess of the household and the sacret fire.
Sister of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera and Demeter, Hestia was really calm and was the only one who never got involved in a fight. It is said that Hestia gave up her seat in favour of newcomer Dionysus to tend to the sacred fire on Mt. Olympus. Because of this, Hestia doesn't figure in many myths and she didn't roam or have any adventures.   

God of the dead.
Even he was a ferocious God, he wasn't malignant. He was quite passive and often was entrusted to keep the balance. The Underworld was called Hades too. It was divided in different regions: some of them are Elysium, where the heroes went in when they died (similar to the Heaven) and and Tartarus,
the deepest region, where the titans where shut in (alike the Hell).

Queen of Gods.
Goddess of marriage and protector or married women.
Daughter of the titans Cronus and Rhea, old sister and wife of the God Zeus.
She was very jealous and often she chased Zeus' lovers and children (I think she deserved lovers too).
She never forgot an unfaithfulness and she was known because of her vengeful nature.

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